Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I woke up to:

This morning, I heard from the kitchen, in Bella's most threatening tone:
"Mom, if you give me a cup of Gookinaid,* I will make your life easy.  If you don't I will make your life hard."  I was dying laughing, but when I entered the kitchen, it seemed for Emilee it was business as usual.  When I asked how she responded to the little mob boss she simply said she told her demanding a cup of Gookinaid was making her life hard.  Three thoughts came to mind:
  1.  What must every day be like if this wasn't abnormal enough to get a response from my sweet wife?
  2.  I can only imagine Bella learning this phrase and how to apply it from her older sisters.
  3.  A cup of Gookinaid is a small price to pay for the easy life.
*Gookinaid is the re-hydration drink that my dad used for his wilderness rehab program.  It used to be called Gookinaid but is now called Vitalyte.  Bella was after grape and would endorse it as the drink of choice for 3 year old tough guys.

A few moments after the above transpired Madeline Jamal got her mothers pajama string and was shaking it up and down saying yah, yah (I missed the yah on the video).  Maybe this is why a demand for Gookinaid was rather minor.