Friday, October 26, 2012

Easy Steps to Feeling Like a Great Mom

1.  Hand your two-year old the spoon and bowl when you are done spreading chocolate frosting on peanut butter brownies.*
2.   Sit down, eat lunch, and smile while she sings "Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Star" to herself, using the spoon as a microphone.
3.  Listen as she very seriously asks the spoon, "Do you love Jesus?  I LOVE Jesus."  Let your eyes mist up for a second.
4.  Enjoy the five minutes of satisfaction in the good job you are doing before you make another huge parenting mistake.  (Anyone else get unreasonably grumpy about a pile of unfolded blankets and de-cased pillows in the middle of the living room?  No?  Only me?)
*I have extra kids in the house today, and there's nothing I've discovered that keeps everyone happy for longer than making a big batch of cookies together.  Every kid I've ever met likes to dump ingredients, stir, and spread.