Friday, October 26, 2012

Easy Steps to Feeling Like a Great Mom

1.  Hand your two-year old the spoon and bowl when you are done spreading chocolate frosting on peanut butter brownies.*
2.   Sit down, eat lunch, and smile while she sings "Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Star" to herself, using the spoon as a microphone.
3.  Listen as she very seriously asks the spoon, "Do you love Jesus?  I LOVE Jesus."  Let your eyes mist up for a second.
4.  Enjoy the five minutes of satisfaction in the good job you are doing before you make another huge parenting mistake.  (Anyone else get unreasonably grumpy about a pile of unfolded blankets and de-cased pillows in the middle of the living room?  No?  Only me?)
*I have extra kids in the house today, and there's nothing I've discovered that keeps everyone happy for longer than making a big batch of cookies together.  Every kid I've ever met likes to dump ingredients, stir, and spread.


cowbell kelly said...

I hate it when folded laundry mysteriously becomes a pile of clothes again...I believe we are united in that.

Sara said...

I wish I could play with this particular 2 year old. Pretty sure she's my favorite 2 year old around. :)

Lyle said...

Mysterious, heck, Kelly. I know exactly what they were doing. They didn't want to put their clothes away so they just stashed them in the room somewhere. Then they kicked them around for a week and, when instructed to clean their room, threw all those clean, but kicked around, never put away clothes in the hamper for me to wash again. I'm still mad about it.