Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Six Word Love Stories

Have you heard of these?  Six word love stories?  I mean, everything is always my newest favorite thing, but these are my newest favorite thing.  People telling their love story in exactly six words.  (Some are happy.  Some are grumpy, and sometimes the grumpy ones are the funniest.)

Some of the best happy ones (from the comments on the link above):

Saw him. Hired him. Married him.

I was wrong.  You are right.

We have the same operating system.

So, of course, just like anyone else who loves to write, I tried to figure out my love story in six words.  Here are some of my best attempts.

Calculus is romantic?  Who knew?  Sigh.

Turns out he's funny.  Lucky me.

Two not-so-free spirits still delighted together. (Did I cheat on that one?  How do we count hyphenations?)

Eleven years blinks.  Even better now.

How about the rest of you?  Do you have a six-word love story?


adventure knitter said...

here's mine for you....

kissed. dated. 10 years later... smile.

lauren said...

I've been thinking about this all day. How fun! Here are some I've come up with:
1. unique flavor combination works surprisingly well
2. naive start. committed today. promising future.
3. a happy wife equals happy life

Elizabeth R said...

Love this idea!

Here's my attempt:

Italian vacation ended as marriage souvenir.

dusty and meag said...

I saw these on The Lettered Cottage and spent hours goofing around writing them...such a cute idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!