Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh, What Do You Do In Summertime?

I hope all the rest of you had as marvelous a summer as we did.  Our favorite activities were:
1.  NOT blogging.  I'm an on-again-off-again blogger at best, and when I examine my history, summer always gets the shaft.  Probably because we are doing lots of fun stuff instead of blogging about fun stuff.
2.  Visiting the LifeFlight helicopter.  When you live by the hospital, you see the helicopter coming and going a lot, so it's SUPER exciting to get to be inside the chopper and ask any questions you want.  
3.  Playing with new friends (that are children of old friends) in Oakley, Utah.
I had so much fun meeting up with Michelle and Holly--two people that made my semester in D.C. one of the best of my life.
Turns out, they've produced some pretty cute, nice, and smart kids along the way.  This made it so I could sit and chat and sit and chat and let the kids run and climb and play and run some more.  Awesome.
4. Swimming and sprinkler parks.  Is there anything better to do in the summer?
Well, if the mom of the family is smart, she won't pick the only day under 90 degrees to hit the ice-water splash pad for the first time.  I took home five little blue bumps that day.  (Cousin Addie was wondering what kind of torture house she was visiting when I kept saying, "Just go lay in the sun, girls.  You'll get warm really fast." )
5) Biking and biking and biking some more.  And then, for good measure, just a little more biking.
6) And when we weren't biking, we were camping.  These little camping chairs have seen a lot of new places this summer.

Maddie and Bella are always chief competitors for the Dirty Face Award.
And this girl might just be the queen of the hiking.
What did you do this summer?

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Holli said...

Love that we made it into one of your posts! Can't wait to do it again next year!