Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Adventure

I think I've mentioned before that John's Jeep has become our little adventure vehicle.  With all of the Uintah Mountains basically at our doorstep, and an iPhone to stuff completely full of topographical maps, we regularly head out on little expeditions.  Yesterday was one of our most adventurous.  
After an hour-and-a-half drive, we headed up the trail for a mile-and-a-half.  Bella started out as leader. . . 
 . . .while the three of us older ladies with aching joints :) pulled up the rear.
 Soon, however, it because necessary for the oldest and frailest of us all to do the packing and the pulling.  Bella kept telling me she was "dying".   (John says that when we are traveling up the road like this, in a block, it makes him think I need to start singing "Get out the way of me and my crew-crew-crew.")
 This is, quite possibly, my favorite of all the lakes we've visited yet.  It was absolutely gorgeous and the ground around it was not marshy at all.  (The mud cleanup after some of our lake visits really puts a damper on my enthusiasm.)

As we were trying to find some fish in the lake, we heard rocks falling from the cliff.  When we looked up, we saw this:
 Zoomed in:
 Did you see the mountain goats?  We only had John's phone camera, so the pictures aren't as good as if we had the real camera, but yay!  Six mountain goats.  Two grownups and four babies.  I kept thinking that if I was the mama mountain goat wandering around on that narrow ledge with my tiny babies, I would be a nervous wreck.  "Babies!  I want to see at least two of your feet touching this wall at all times.  No, I do not care how your dad is walking.  He can make his own crazy choices, but unless you listen to your mother I'm going to make sure you never comfortably lie down again!"

The real mountain goats, of course, inspired my own little babies to scamper around the rocks.  We escaped nearly unscathed--nothing a few bandaids couldn't fix.
Happy Labor Day!


cowbell kelly said...

I thought it looked like you were escaping Austria.

Why do so many of your pictures make me think of The Sound of Music?

Emilee said...

Maybe because I make all of our clothes out of curtains? And we trill like songbirds as we wander the countryside? And because John drills us like the military man he is? And because I used to live in a convent and want to be a nun? I can think of lots of reasons. :)

Jake said...

Love those pictures.

Mike and Kelly said...

Ha ha, my kids are "dying" on a 1/2 mile hike. And that is my Mads complaining. (Halle thinks she is a mountain goat princess....cuz who would not want to be?). We sure miss our Wells'. Give everyone hugs from us, and good luck with all the back to school stuff.

Susanne said...

That lake is gorgeous. Fun adventure for the Wells family.