Saturday, September 8, 2012


Any of you who have never run the Blue Mountain 5K should.  It's a real treat.  Beautiful trail.  Popsicles and ribbons for all the kids who finish the one-mile run.  Door prizes at the end.  Awesome. If you had participated this year, you would have seen Mimi (yes, my seven-year old) run the mile in 6:51.  Amazing.  And John ran his fastest 5K since high school.  I was so proud, I nearly burst into tears.  (Which wouldn't be the first for me at the end of a race, but usually I'm crying from pain and exhaustion, not delight.)


Story Family said...

Holy Magoley!! That's fast! She must have been smokin'! Way to go runners!

Pilltar said...

i love seeing maddie try and eat that Popsicle from the middle out.

cowbell kelly said...

I think Maddie has the right idea about popsicles.