Sunday, September 9, 2012

Haircuts All Around

 We started out the summer (yes, I'm THAT far behind) with haircuts for everyone.  Liv and Mims both decided on a swimming-friendly a-line bob, and they both looked fantastic.

 I am the stylist here, and I should point out that if I were ever to go into business as a beautician, I would have to have an incredibly patient clientele.  Each of these haircuts was perfected over the course of a week. "Come here, Liv.  I found another piece that's too long."  "Mimers, let's buzz that neck."  My girls put up with it because they have to, and I do it because I'm cheap!
Bella got a haircut, too, and it was evidently so inspiring that she felt like she wanted to expand on my artistry.  A couple choppy layers and some blunt bangs later and . . . 
 . . . voila!
Luckily for us, Bella's hair is not only so stick straight that it's completely unforgiving, it's also the slowest growing hair in the family.  She'll be sporting this avant garde coiffure for some months to come.


Sara said...

How did I not know about Mimikins's bob? She looks darling. As does Livi.

And Bella, oh Bella! Kiss that crazy head for me.

Kenna said...

Poor Olivia looks like she doesn't have arms in that picture!

Their haircuts are darling.