Saturday, November 3, 2012


I don't know how the rest of the moms I know manage to take such great pictures of their kids in Halloween costumes.  I usually forget to take pictures at all, so it was great to have John's phone at the ready to capture our group halfway through the trick-or-treating.  (Of course, I also planted us directly in front of the setting sun.  Sorry if you feel blinded.)

From oldest to youngest, we have John, the Bad Doctor (he's our supervillain); me, Witchtastic (and I really wish you could see more of my awesome black-and-orange tights); Olivia, The Speedy Paintbrush; Naomi, aka Magnificent Mimi; Bella, aka Fireballa; and the small and daring Mad Madame Maddie.
 My mom and dad joined us for the whole week of Halloween.  However, my dad is the world's biggest Halloween Humbug, so he didn't come along for the trick-or-treating.  (He stayed home and handed out glowsticks to the two trick-or-treaters who bumbled along to our house.)
 We posed heroically.

 We dashed heroically out of scary houses (accompanied by Mario and Rainbow Dash).
 We posed heroically again.
 We delighted heroically in the enormous piles of candy we were heroically gathering.
 And we talked, heroically and at length, about our superpowers.  The Speedy Paintbrush can wield a magic paintbrush and make her paintings come to life.  Magnificent Mimi scores well on spelling tests and saves people from falling rocks.  Fireballa throws balls of fire at bad guys, and then she runs really fast.  Mad Madame Maddie mostly just runs down the halls of houses yelling her name.  (I'm sure that terrifies supervillains.  The Bad Doctor regularly finds himself stymied.)
P.S.  My sister also escaped Provo with her darling boyfriend, and the two of them were the champions of the extended trick-or-treating that my two older girls accomplished.  I have Annie and Shaylor to thank for the sugar high we've all been riding the past few days.  I


Annie said...

I wish that picture showed better how fantastic your hair looked. Also... wish we were in the pictures....

Elizabeth R said...

I love your Halloween posts. And I LOVE your Halloween theme this year. My guess is that several of your kids now find reasons to don their costumes multiple times a day. I know I wouldn't want to put my super hero outfit away!

Lindsay said...

Love your costumes again this year. I think we were twins. I was totally a witch and wore orange and black tights. Twins!

We'll be in Utah over Christmas - we should plan to meet up - and wear our tights of course. :)