Thursday, November 29, 2012

In an effort to make the rest of you feel like great moms. . .

. . . I'm going to list Bella's most recent accomplishments:

1) Shampoo mess in our bathroom (blogged here)
2) Poured out all of my brother Pete eyedrops onto his deodorant, which she enthusiastically scrubbed with his toothbrush.  Then proceeded to stick all of his clothes together with his toothpaste.  Pete, I am SO SORRY!
3) Went to the neighbors' house to play yesterday and decided to "wipe up" their bathroom.  This involves gallons of water, a bottle of handsoap, and a rag.  She was so drenched when she was done that they had to change her into some of Lily's clothes before sending her home.
4)  Told my Grandma Nielson (my grandpa died a few years ago), "Hey, I know you!  Your boyfriend died."  Tactful.
5) Used the pump bottle of conditioner to liberally spatter the entire shower, herself, and her little sister.

I'm going to start putting her to bed at 9:00 a.m.


Logan said...

I love her!! (And I love that she's not mine.) "Hey, I know you..." HA!

Annie said...

Why does she have to be so funny all the time??

Elizabeth R said...

Loved this! Please thank Bella for making me laugh. :)

dusty and meag said...

Oh THAT is funny. Good thing Grandma Nielson is hard of hearing ;)