Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Defense of My Mothering

Gentle Readers,
I have been contacted by several parties in objection to my refusal to let Mimi keep her ears pierced. I wish to say these things:
1. The piercing was wildly crooked and would never have actually been attractive as a hole in which earrings were placed.
2. Naomi had no desire to finish her piercings. She is tough, and determined as heck, but she didn't want to continue with the pin-pokings after her initial success.
3. She is four, and mercurial (my dad's word) even for the average four-year old. What she wants today is certainly not guaranteed to be what she wants tomorrow.
4. Our family rule sets the ear-piercing age at 12. I think girls at 12 are old enough to take care of their own ear holes, thus reducing the risk of infection. (Edited to add: This rule is based on my own red, swollen ear experience for several years. And I was 12. I am certainly not suggesting that this rule ought to be standard for all families.)
5. Since I am no longer teaching, I cannot aspire to "Meanest Teacher of the Year" award. This leaves me with "Meanest Mom in the World" as my only option.


Brian and Martha said...

I think you're a great mom. My sister tells her kids that when they tell her she is a mean mom that means she is doing a good job.

Mags said...

once you hear the words, "you are the meanest mom in the world," you know your doing something right. give yourself a pat on the back, or better yet a chocolate something.

Sara said...

Since I want to be you in every way (especially mothering), I think you have zero explaining to do.

I just wish I could get my hands on that little mercurial four year old to give her a great big loving.

Liz said...

People were objecting to your ear-piercing rule? I think the 12 year-old rule is a good one.

dusty and meag said...


Stephanie said...

Em, I must admit, I did think after all she went through, if she wanted ear rings, give the girl some hoops. But, then I also thought, what does that teach her and too many lessons came to mind ~ thus, I would have not given in either. You are a excpetional mother and a wondeful blogger, thanks for being open enough to share with us. I still am in awe of that little one's determination. Celine would not have dared to do that for any amount of anything. We hope to get to see you live and person soon. All the best as school begins, give those girlies a big hug from relatives they don't even know, sadly enough. Love you!

brittani c. said...

I had to wait until I was 12 too. I thought my mom was mean.