Friday, April 16, 2010

Zoo Visit with our Buddies

The lovely thing about family practice residency is that it's only three years long. No matter the crazy hours, the limited vacation, the tremendous insanity of the patient population, it can all be survived for three years.

The sad thing about family practice residency is that it's only three years long. So the people who introduced you to the program, the community, and the best ways to cope with no husband eventually move on. To greener pastures (or if not greener, in the cases of Utah and Alberta, at least sunnier).

We recently made a little day trip with two of our soon-to-be-departing families. The weather was colder than anticipated, but the kids had a great time at the zoo (where I forgot my camera) and the park (where I didn't). In the picture below are (top row) Olivia, Maddie Galbraith, and Ryan Brady. Mimi and Kacie Brady round out the bottom row. We wanted to get Halle in with the other girls, but she had not included a photography session in her play plans.
Bella's best friend in the whole world is darling Colton Galbraith. She calls him "chicken", and if he's there, she's happy. She will follow him to the ends of the earth.

Or off the bottom of a slide.


Over and over again.

We've been so lucky to have so many good friends here in South Bend. It will be sad to lose the Bradys, Galbraiths, and Sandersons, but we all have to grow up sometime, and we wish them the best of luck in their new "real lives".


Renae said...

I'm glad Bella has Chicken at her side. I totally agree about friends coming and leaving a few years later. :(. Especially in Toledo 1st ward.
Bella is so cute- her smile on the slide!

Jonas said...


Susanne said...

This certainly is in my top ten videos ever. That is really sweet to watch those two little kids.