Monday, July 19, 2010

How Sweet!

John loves to tease about the "residency patient population", and he has a point. Patients who have a resident for a doctor are often people who have burned their bridges with many other doctors. However, there are bright spots. One of John's sweet older patients showed up at the clinic last week with an enormous gift bag full of darling things. John had mentioned to her at her appointment that we were having our fourth little girl, and she kindly contributed this generous gift of new things to the stash of hand-me-downs we have already.
That afghan is hand crocheted--that's a lot of work for a baby she is not likely to even meet. I was stunned and touched.


cowbell kelly said...

That little dress looks super cute

Sara said...

So nice! I love Grandmas. (Well, I love nice Grandmas. I just plain don't understand those mean Grandmas out there.)

John must be one fantastic doctor to inspire such love.