Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chicken Run

Well, actually, it was a Bird Run, even though Bella has a hard time remembering if she's a chicken, a chick, or a "canawy."  The cross-country team has a "Spook Scoot" as an awesome fundraiser, and you know I love me a good race.  However, my foot was really hurting in our training for a 5k at the end of the month, and I couldn't be sure how it would feel, so I just sent the big girls out with the wolves to run by themselves.

Their costumes were a big hit.  You can see the swan, the peacock (whose tail was not yet attached--to hard to run with a tail), the canary, and the grumpy, screechy owl.  

Olivia was nervous and intense at the starting line.
Naomi wasn't sure she could make it.
"One mile!  That's a really long way."
My parents and brothers were in town, so we stationed a cheer squad at the corner of each block, to make sure the little birds would keep going.  Olivia did awesome, stretching her long bird legs out and really running.
Naomi alternated between fits of slow-walking despair and manic fist-pumping "power bursts" (as she calls them).  They both did awesome, finishing in the top ten and winning a fancy medal.
I'm so proud of my little runner birds.


Sara said...

I love Bella hugging Liv so tight. What a darling picture!

adventure knitter said...

I LOVE the bird costumes! They turned out fantastic! Are they going to say "twig or tweet" when they go out trick-or-treating?? Megan is a bird this year, and that's what she's decided she needs to say! And look super cute in your glasses!

brittani c. said...

I'm so in love with your Halloween theme. They all seemed so willing to participate. Happy Halloween!

me said...

cute. cute. cute. and cute. creative. I love your costumes.

Desiree said...

cute and creative. I love your costumes!