Saturday, November 12, 2011

Crazy Baby

This baby won't eat cheese in any form, other than pizza.  She hates macaroni and cheese and despises chicken nuggets.  She barely tolerates hot dogs and grilled chicken.  Rice, pasta, and un-peanut-buttered bread get dropped off the edge of her tray.
However, she consumes black beans like a person possessed. . .
 . . . smashing them all over her face in an effort to get MORE of them into her mouth FASTER.
The same thing happens whenever she is offered a banana.  I stopped slicing her bananas months ago because she'd prefer me to just hand her an entire unpeeled banana to devour in under 30 seconds.
Seriously.  Maybe she was meant to be born in Brazil.


cowbell kelly said...

Ruth is very similar. She acts like she's starving but won't eat anything I give her.
-cheese in all forms except pizza is unacceptable.
-She will eat exactly one half of a hot dog. And that's the only form of protein she'll consume.
-the only time I've gotten her to willingly eat a banana is if Maddie had one.

The one constant in our lives is yogurt.

lauren said...

Oh my gosh that is the cutest face on the planet. What a doll. She looks a lot like you Em, especially in that first picture (minus all of the black beans of course).

Sara said...

Oh that crazy baby! She's unbelievably cute.