Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My family has a tradition of meeting at my great-grandpa's cabin the week after Christmas to lounge, watch movies, play games, and eat good food.  This year, we added Rock Band to the mix, and (if I do say so myself) I became a semi-proficient drummer.  Those high school years of bass drumming paid off.  

Another part of the tradition is putting the babies in the sink for a bath.  These two little girls are exactly two months apart.  Last year they looked like this.  
This year, they were walking and babbling, and almost good friends.
Ruthie, however, obviously has better hair.

Well, maybe she doesn't always have better hair.


cowbell kelly said...

I love that Maddie has a tiny bit of food on her face so it almost looks like a mustache. LOVE IT!!

Annie said...

How long can this tradition last? pretty soon they are going to be too big. but... they can still run around in their leggings only?

Stepher said...

so cute, so funny, glad you are back to blogging Em, I miss you when you take a break, lol.

Stepher said...

Em, will you please ask Rob and Kasey if they'd mind adding me to their blog, I know it is private. If they'd rather not, that is fine, I just love seeing yours, Dave and Laurens, Mike and Kellys and would love to see Rob and Kaseys as well. I don't have their emails to contact them directly, thanks sweetie. Love you!