Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's actually happening!!

Here's my m.o.  Blog, don't blog, blog, don't blog, don't blog, don't blog, don't blog.  However, this is so exciting I can't help but break my don't-blog cycle.  

Here's our house.  It's been going for less than a month, and we've made some serious progress.  

(The pictures of the plain holes were terribly dull, but I might add them anyway when I find them to add some ultra "before" to the rest of these "before-and-afters." 

Here are our foundation walls.  John has tried to get a panoramic view of each of the stages of construction.  I have to say, at this stage, the girls were not terribly impressed.  
Then we had a lovely pile of lumber next to the foundation walls.  

 And a wall!  It's a wall.  It happens to be the very important wall between the garage and the rest of the house.
More walls!  Can you see my lovely large windows?  I love those windows.  They are going to brighten my soul during the long, dark, cold days of winter here in the basin.  

 And now some second story work.  Look at those windows!  I love them.  John is more impressed with the garage than the windows, but I stick with what I love.
 And now they've clad some of the walls.  Probably to cut some of the wind chill for those poor workers.  They're even working today--THANKSGIVING--to get things done faster.  We're taking them pie and hot rolls to mitigate some of the resentment they must feel.  (Thank you, framers!)
It's going to be great.


Elizabeth R said...

Yay! So excited for you guys! Next year: putting in a yard! Seriously Em, when do you find the time to be the wife of a doctor, a mom to a bevy of girls, and everything else you do!?

dtravelbug said...