Monday, January 21, 2008


Rachel Weber was here this afternoon, and when her new birthday necklace broke, was very sad. I told her that I could probably fix it. I could see her mind at work when she brightened up and said, "Oh. . . my dad can fix it. He's a doctor AND a builder AND an ex-pert."
"Well," I said, "good!"
Livi said, with joyful surprise on her face, "My dad's a doctor and a builder, too!! I think he can fix it."
I wish John could have been an expert as well, but we can't all be Steve Webers.



Whoa, Steve had made appearances on two blogs this week! :) Maybe if I was an ex-pert too that would happen to me!

andrew & brittani said...

Not everyone can be famous like Steve.

katiemama said...

Wow, I didn't realize I was so popular/famous.

Steve Weber

Lyndsay said...

Maybe John will get his expert status upon getting his med school diploma. I hope they don't charge extra.

Emilee said...

John S. Wells, M. D., Expert. I will definitely be checking that box on the diploma request.