Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

I've always thought I would just be so sad when President Hinckley died. So many of his talks, articles, lessons, and quotes have inspired my life, but all I can think is "Good for him." I mean, no one can go to his maker better prepared, and Marjorie is there waiting for him. I bet he's so happy to get a little rest. (Although, probably he'll just get right back to work, chugging along.)
Some of the the things that inspire me most about President Hinckley:
1. More than double the number of temples were built and put to work during his years as prophet as all the years before that. And that genius idea of mini-temples (the first in Monticello)--absolute genius.
2. His reassuring message of "just do your best," but followed with the challenge of "make sure it's your very best." Those phrases have inspired more introspection in my life than any others.
3. His entertaining, forthright appearances on the national media circuit. With Larry King and Mike Wallace, he showed how comfortable he was in his own skin and with his own beliefs. It was awesome.
4. I love the song he wrote for The Friend, "Don't Ever Forget to Pray." I loved that he made his message to the children so simple, so important, and so unforgettable. It really is one of my very favorite Primary songs.

I'm sure I'm missing something, something significant, but again, all I can think is, "Good for him."


Cynthia Ericksen said...

I enjoyed reading your tribute to President Hinckley. What a great man and prophet and I agree with you- I am so happy for him to be with his wife again.

andrew & brittani said...

He won't have to worry about his physical challenges anymore in this next phase of missionary work.

Lyle said...

I am sad. I guess I was hoping for him to make it to 100 years. That hope aside, how wonderful for him to be "on task" right up until the end. Another tender mercy for someone very deserving.


Emilee, I felt exactly the same way as you. I was surprised that I didn't feel more sad upon hearing the news of President Hinckley's was almost a happy thing instead. I know he is truly happy now...and it has made me appreciate even more the knowledge that we have of life after death.

Kenna said...

I agree 100%. I talked to my mom yesterday and I could tell she was a little sad that he had passed away. I think it is a bit hard to be sad for him when he had such a long and amazing life. I say good for him too.