Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Utah Fun

Utah, as always, was lovely. We stayed for the first couple days with John's brother, Chris, his wife, Krista, and their two lovely children. Gabey (or Baby Gabey, as we continue to call him) was willing to acknowledge Olivia as top dog during her stay, but considering Mimi has only an inch on him, and he's got a couple pounds on her, they had a few power struggles. He is cute, and his little sister Eve is also darling, although she missed out on this particular photo shoot.
Once we made it to Grandma's house, there were these adorable kittens to play with. The girls tell me that the "white and brown one is nice, but the black one gets scared and grumpy and scratches us."
That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Mimi would pick it up by the part that was closest: tail, head, paws, whatever. Of course not.
We were also delighted to get to spend some time with Aunt Rebekah (or "Auntie Boo", do you think she gets tired of that name?). She came out for John's graduation, and we spent a lovely evening with her watching Planet Earth. Now that is a cool miniseries. Especially, as Chris frequently reminded us, in HD.
Tomorrow, some pictures of us camping. They will be as new to me as to you because, although I was there, I was afflicted by seasonal allergies and the one medicine allowed to us preggos: Benadryl. Definitely a cause of amnesia.


Mags said...

OH I can just smell the aspens.

Story Family said...

The kittens and kids are adorable. It's good to see John's mom and sister again. They look just as I remember them. Our Monticello (scratch that, make that Blanding) stay is coming up soon. Hooray!!