Thursday, July 24, 2008

More than you wanted to know

Has it been two weeks since my last post? I've always said that the only way to slow time down is to live the last month of pregnancy, but apparently these last two weeks have flown by anyway. I'm not complaining.
Matt and Lindsay Wetzel, delightful friends of ours from Toledo, came to visit last weekend. They wanted to see Indiana Dunes, we wanted to see Indiana Dunes, and it all came together because, guess what? We live less than an hour from Indiana Dunes.
We woke up Saturday morning and the rain was pouring down. John, Lindsay, and I all decided that we would not be getting in the lake on such a cold stormy day, but the girls and Matt packed their suits anyway, with great faith that it couldn't rain all afternoon (having lived in the Midwest for 4 years, let me tell you: YES, IT CAN!), and it turns out, they were right. The weather, once we got to the dunes/beach, was perfect. And Matt, it also turns out, is the perfect entertainer for my two little mermaids.They swam to him, swam on him, made him dig big holes for the waves to fill, and prodded him to do all sorts of water tricks.
Livi showed some of her newfound swimming lessons skills.
And everyone but yours truly climbed the largest dune in the area. I am afraid that getting myself down to the beach from the car took half of my daily energy ration, so I determined (math major that I am) that if I climbed the dune, I would be left with just enough to dial 911 and make the Beached Whale Rescue Squad come and fetch me. I was picturing dunes a little more like. . . well. . . dunes, when I envisioned the Indiana Dunes. However, just like everything else out here in fantastic farmland, they are much greener and forested than their Western counterpart.
The Wetzels were delightful guests, and we would love to have them come visit again. And let me extend the invitation to any of our other friends. We would love to see any of you. We have an extra bed (Yay!! Extra!!), and we have a couple beaches. We also have a chocolate factory. And a zoo. And that is probably the extent of my tourism knowledge.

Next, John fixed a plugged rain gutter on our high roof. I was comforted, as he danced around 30 feet above the ground, only moderately by our recent acquisition of life insurance. Luckily, he made it down safely.
While he was up there, he spotted this little glob of cement on one of our roof vents.
Upon closer inspection, what did he find? NOT a glob of cement, but another frog/toad. What is it with this house? Frog central. Shudder.
This week, we have been joined by the feminine 3/4 of the Soelberg family from Indianapolis. Sara and her two girls arrived Monday morning, and we have partied hard since then, just sending them off an hour ago back to Joe (who has missed them terribly, I'm sure). What did we do?
Well, of course, we went to Silver Beach. Libby and Olivia sat on the edge of the water and dug holes and piled sand and dug holes and piled sand for two hours.
Mimi and Jenna found ladybugs and seashells.
Olivia climbed the lifeguard tower.
We left the beach just as the dark clouds came rolling in. Such a lovely afternoon.
What else did we do?
*went to the hospital to eat with John. The Soelberg children and the Wells children have two entirely different ideas of hospitals. I don't know if my girls know that anything happens at a hospital except in the cafeteria. Libby and Jenna had to be reassured several times that this was a hospital restaurant and that no one was hurt, and nothing was going to happen to them.
*toured the South Bend Chocolate Factory. This was delicious and interesting, and I firmly recommend it.
*went fabric shopping at Wal-Mart and clearance-shoe shopping at Target. Very profitable on both counts.
*walked and biked around the neighborhood to our hearts' content.
We love the Soelbergs, and hope they visit again soon.

Also, Naomi and Olivia both passed their swimming lessons. Liv passed Level 2, and Mimi passed (with greater cheerfulness than is expressed in this picture) Level 1. We are attempting Level 3 with Liv, but find it to be about as simple and enjoyable as getting her to ride her bike around the Walking Group Trail at Swan Creek Park. (Leisy, feel free to make any remarks that come to mind about the screaming.)
Phew---two weeks worth of posts in one fell swoop. I doubt if anyone will even make it to the end of this post.


adventure knitter said...

I made it to the end! Man, I wish the last two weeks had gone by as quickly and been as exciting as yours. But nope. Only 4 wks left for me...and I have a pain at the top of my stomach...don't know if I should be worried or not.

Kent and Leisy said...

I miss your screaming banshees! It just isn't the same without them. South Bend looks pretty hip! I'd LOVE to come and tour the chocolate factory! what brand do they make?

Story Family said...

I absolutely made it to the end and enjoyed every word of it. What an action packed couple of weeks for you! How fun. Now if I'd had that kind of fun I'd have mountains of laundry and bathrooms to catch up on. Hang in there!

Liz said...

Now, are the frogs there to torment you or to help you overcome your fear of them? I love that John took a picture of the one on your roof. How does a frog GET on a roof?

Emilee said...

Amy: Be worried, and pester your doctor about it until he induces you early.
Leisy: They make South Bend Chocolate Company chocolates. I'm sure you've seen their logo, and you'd recognize it if you saw it again. It's delicious.
Kellie: Don't talk to me about the catch up. The laundry work has begun, but the bathroom work may just have to hold its little horses until John gets home and can bend over the edge of the tub without a very small person getting in the way.
Liz: I have NO IDEA how a frog gets on a roof. I was wondering that myself. I'm worried now that he will die and desiccate on my vent. Dead frogs are worse than live frogs, I think.

Brooke S said...

I made it to the end, I am glad you had good company during the long last weeks of pregnancy.

Sara said...

Hooray for your hospitality. We had a delighful time. And you blogged it faster than I did . . . even amid the mountains of panty laundry Jenna left you. :)

Mags said...

It's nice to know that after 10 years you and I could fall back into step in the buddy department at any time. All I need is a chocolate factory, a zoo and a bed, oh and some clearance shoe shopping at target. It's like you read my to-do list!

Kate said...

Re: your title, it's NEVER more than we want to know. I love all of these pictures. I really wouldn't have EVER though "beach" when we almost moved to South Bend. How fun for you guys.
The frogs are strange. What was that little guy doing up there?
And finally, I love that you call up the Cuppses because I'm pretty sure you're the only person I know who gets it right. I am called "Sister Cupp" all the time. Annoying.

Kate said...

I meant to type "call us" not "call up". But of course you're more than welcome to call us up too. :)

Bonnie said...

How fun! I am so glad time is flying for you! Wow you must have a frog heaven at your house! How funny it is on the roof!

Larissa said...

We haven't been to the dunes yet, and I thought they'd look different! With your recommendation we'll have to go.

Just so you know, I am seriously terrified of frogs. Jeff makes fun of me because I played with snakes in the garden when I was little, so frogs shouldn't bother me. But they do. We went on a walk a few nights ago and there was a frog on the sidewalk that I didn't notice. When I walked by it jumped right into the side of my leg. There was hysteria. I'm sure you're not that bad, but I'm glad you feel my pain.

annie said...

Nice pics Emily, I remember at one book club you freaked out because we were talking about frogs, I am so sorry that you had one on your roof! So funny to see Matt and the girls in the water, glad you all had a great time! Talk to you later, Annie Tanner

Anonymous said...

Made it all the way to the end! Sounds like your holding up well, and having great beach fun for a woman on the edge of a delivery!