Monday, July 28, 2008

Nesting by the Numbers

Apparently, I have decided to start nesting. I haven't done this with either of my other children, so I'm a little surprised to see the productivity available to an 87-month pregnant woman. Let's look at what I've done in the past couple weeks.

20: The number of quilt blocks I've sewn. (VERY very easy--I've never done a real quilt before--from this pattern.)
3: The number of newborn-sized dresses I've sewn. (The first is from this pattern, available for free on the internet. Also incredibly easy.)

Apparently, I have a thing for polka dots? (In my defense, the yellow with white polka dots was left over from the dresses I made for Olivia and Mimi for my brother's wedding.)
2: New maternity tops I've made for myself. (The other one, same pattern in solid green, was dirty and unavailable for photographs. The pattern is Built by Wendy from Simplicity--available at JoAnn, with this sleeve modification and a much higher neckline.)
3/4: Gallons of light blue paint used to cover the baby's room walls. I really need to figure out how to find the backlight setting on my camera. This picture is terrible.
87,000: Number of hours spent gathering the sides of this crib skirt.
2: Number of dollars spent on the materials for making my own crib skirt. (It might have been worth it to just buy a dang crib skirt from Walmart.)
By the way, the color of the wall in this picture is much closer than in the picture above.
1: New cover for the moses basket. The old one was just a tad too vintage for me.
5: Number of new crib sheets made. (Two for the moses basket, three for the crib.)
2.5: Dollars spent on materials for each crib sheet.
0.25: Hours spent making each crib sheet. (Definitely worth making your own. Use this tutorial.)
1: New diaper bag. Not made by me, but by Sara, who brought it with her when she came from Indy. Isn't it fantastic? She used this pattern.)
The only vital things left are:
a) get a crib mattress. (We completely hammered the two we used for the other girls, and I threw them away on the way out of Toledo.)
b) have the baby. This Saturday would be best. If any of you have extra time in your prayers you'd like to fill, you could certainly throw in a little plea for me.
c) think of a name. Suggestions welcome.


Brooke S said...

I would say you are way, way, way, beyond nesting! You are so talented, I love everything you've done. You'll be in our prayers. Do you have a time preferance for Saturday?

Cynthia said...

What cute paterns and fabric! I wish I was able to whip out some maternity tops, too. Such a useful skill you have.

Emilee said...

Brooke: Evening would be best. That way I could sleep Friday night. Maybe around 8:30? Could you work that in?
Cynthia: You could do it. You could totally sew up some tops. I couldn't justify the expense of two new storebought shirts with only a couple weeks to go, but with stash fabric bought on clearance, they each cost me around $3.00, including buttons. You could mess up quite a few times and still come out ahead.

adventure knitter said...

Wow! talk about getting everything taken care of! I LOVE that bag! I checked out the pattern and I actually have that EXACT fabric from the pattern...I think I might have to make yet another bag....

Sara said...

The duro is darling. So, so darling. And the disappearing nine patch is perfect. I can't wait to see it. I might be re-inspired by your good work.

You are smokin' girl

Ryan, Candace, Jack & Macie said...

You are so dang talented! I could only dream of sewing an outfit for Macie--by the time I finished it it wouldn't fit. She is growing so dang fast. We miss you and please let us know about the baby and sorry no names really come to mind. Tell John Ryan is now looking into Memmorial--at least he will at the conference. Good luck with everything! You are definitely in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

So after the baby is born and you have time to get on your feet I think you (or we as I am volunteering people) should start a sewing night for our little wives club!! You are so amazingingly talanted. I love the quilt pattern you are doing and the fabric you choose is darling. Long live the $2.oo Walmart Fabric section.

Lyndsay said...

Ooooh. I love the polka dots! Nesting for you produces spectacular results!

Larissa said...

Okay, I just showed Jeff the baby clothes you made, and we both agree that you should have little baby boutique. Seriously. You obviously have an eye for it.

If you're having your baby on Saturday, I'd better come over this week and get my dress fixed! Maybe the beach will put you in labor... it worked for Kelly.

All your projects are fabulous. It makes me very motivated to learn some of your extensive skills!

p.s. If Beck was a girl, we were going to name him (her) Hazel. It's my favorite girl name. :)

Renae said...

Cute clothes!!! Do you have any names in mind? Hold a contest to see who supplies you with the winning name for your baby, and the winner gets a bag like the one in the picture! ;)jk
Phoebie, Savannah, Hannah, Koo-koo-kee-choo.

Denise said...

Em, you're awesome!! Good work! I think you did enough nesting to make up for the other two. I love the pink and green blanket.

Mags said...

I'm clapping clapping my hands for joy (this is supposed to be funny not literal)that I can list some fabulous baby girl names. How bout Bree? I love it personally. YOu may hate it in which case you are allowed to laugh and disregard. I am very jealous of brooke sanderson that she gets to watch your children while you introduce a new one, tell her I said HI!!! ALso I am terribly jealous of your skillz as a sewing fiend! It must be all those doll clothes we used to sew by hand. I love love love your maternity shirts, they look great you should be on project runway. Let's start a mormon mommy blogger version of it.

Michelle said...

I am very impressed with your sewing skills and frugal spending. Way to go! Good luck with having your baby soon.

le35 said...

You are awesomely talented at sewing. I found your blog from Marth's blog.

I'm excited to see your patterns