Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Field Trip

Last Thursday, I went on a kindergarten field trip with Olivia's class. Mimi stayed with a friend (thanks, Kelly!), but I took Bella with me. I learned a couple things:
1) Eighty kindergarteners really do not comfortably fit in the very small Curious Kids Museum (St. Joseph, Michigan).
2) Even a rocket ship exhibit does not compare to a pile of dress-ups and a volcano slide.
3) I could never teach kindergarten.

First stop: Lunch. Where we sat with some of Olivia's dearest friends. Top of the list--this little Sophie girl, who is about the size of Mimi. And darling. Liv's got good taste.
Next stop: Taking pictures. Everyone in a red shirt, sponsored by Target. You would think kindergarten teachers would have the ramrodding and organizing of 5-year olds down to an exact science, but it was 20 minutes of absolute chaos. Who thought it was a good idea to pile 80 kids onto the front steps and make them hold still while picture after picture was taken? (Can you find Olivia?)
Yep, hiding from the chaos.
Just when all the parents had taken their pictures, and the grandmas had taken their pictures, and we had scolded and cajoled and threatened those kids to within an inch of their lives and nobody thought any more pictures could possibly be taken, the teacher in the back said, "Now we need some pictures with my camera. To send to Target to say thanks." WHAT was she thinking?
But then we got to the fun part. Obviously, the really fun part. (This was a rocket ship exhibit, and you got to do the launch check and push lighted buttons and make radio contact--and it lost all excitement in 10.2 seconds. I loved it, but all the kids quickly moved on to greener pastures.)
This is where they wanted to go.
Or here.
After they had their fill (and I mean "they" as in the entire herd of kindergarteners moving almost in unison--everyone wanting the same thing and NOT wanting to try something else first and come back when it was their turn) of the face painting and fancy costumes, we found some pleasure in the boats.And the ambulance, where this cute little Mr. Anthony moaned and groaned about a broken leg until he got himself a teeny pair of crutches.It was wonderful. And I will certainly be going on more kindergarten field trips. But I'm glad I chose to teach junior high.

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Bonnie said...

How fun! Oh to be a kid again!