Saturday, July 11, 2009

Those little thrill-seekers

The Brady family has a fabulous tradition of visiting Michigan's Adventure (an amusement part that we will hereby refer to as MGA, or Michigan's Grand Adventure) every year, and this year we were invited along for the ride (no pun intended, seriously).
As only the third amusement park I have visited with my kids, and the first without my childless siblings along to help me, I have these suggestions for anyone else who attempts this:
1) Bring along a pregnant lady. Because Tracy couldn't ride most of the rides, I felt nearly guiltless in leaving her with the kids while I partied it hard with John and Matt.2) Don't believe Matt Brady when he tells you the "Frog Hopper" is the best ride ever. He is lying. Believe the faces of the kids riding it instead.
3) (But go on the "Frog Hopper" anyway. It's good for a laugh.)4) Don't underestimate your size when you consider whether or not you will fit into a child's boat with your baby. Long legs are an asset in many situations, but there are times when you should recognize you will simply not be able to slip your knee past a steering wheel.
5) Wear earplugs when you wait interminably for your children to get sick of the 10,001 motorcycle, bus, car, boat, and helicopter rides. They didn't consider the sanity of the ride attendant or the parents when they installed horns on every vehicle. (However, they probably considered the delight of the kids, and that just may make it worth the migraine.) 6) Always put your arms in the air. It makes everything more exciting. Even the 2.2-mph generic version of Disney's Autopia.
7) Prepare for tears when it's time to go.
Thanks, Bradys!


The Brady Bunch said...

Emilee, I am laughing so hard!! You are so funny. That was a fun blog to read. It was a blast! Thank you for coming with us. I would do it again. (hopefully next time I am not pregnant. maybe you could be our pregnant friend next time.)

Liz said...

That sounds like a blast. I'm still trying to talk Marco into taking our family to Lagoon. Your post has inspired me to try harder.

Bonnie said...

So fun! I hope to go next year!

Lindsay said...

I love the picture of you on the frog hopper. Good times.