Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Neighborhood Heroes

(I'm trying to catch up after a week of painting, a visit to Indianapolis, a week of family, and a computer breakdown. My apologies to Annie for the slacking of my single duty: blogging enough to keep her entertained.)
Our Wives' Club made a recent jaunt to the neighborhood fire station where the program was MUCH better than anticipated. Clay Township may just have the nicest, bravest, and best firefighters in the world. We were treated to a tour of the station, starting with the one enormous bedroom and ending in the beyond enormous kitchen. (Note Brooke's admiration of the three refrigerators.)

Then the fire marshal allowed all the kids to try on the firefighter uniform. It was a little large, but quite comfortable.

(Forgive my pictures. The camera didn't know how to deal with the reflective tape on the coat, and I am entirely at the mercy of my camera.)

But the best part of all was the shooting of the firehose. It was large enough for the kids who were not aiming the stream of water to use the hose as a pony. I was very impressed.

We ended by climbing through and around a fire truck. The firemen assured the kids they could come back at any time, just for fun. They were awesome.


Annie said...

Thanks for the post!! Very cute!!
About time....

Susanne said...

You know...those Clay County people have a history of Smiles and Laughs to soften you up and then before you know it they throw you out of the county.