Friday, October 2, 2009


Picture unrelated to post except it shows three things I love
Things I love today:
*Crisp air and bright sunshine, especially after last night's thunderstorm.
*A lovely friend entertaining Naomi downstairs.
*Refashioning princess dresses for my girls from thrift-store prom dresses (only $5 each!)
*Getting up early to read my scriptures each day for a month. It's fantastic the difference this has made to my attitude and priorities. (Have I learned this lesson before? Absolutely. Will I probably have to learn it again sometime in life? Almost certainly. Let's hope it won't take too many more slips before this becomes a permanent habit.)

Things that still frustrate me:
*Trying to figure out time slots for cleaning the house, feeding the children, and exercising in the same day. I can't even quite get that worked out, but my sanity requires creative time, and I'd love to offer help to my friends who need it. My routine is still definitely a work in progress.
*That the window of opportunity for a baby to have a great nap is almost infinitesimally small. If you miss it, BOOM!, you may have doomed yourself for the rest of the day.
*That Google Reader doesn't work with private blogs. WHY NOT, fancy-pants Google Reader? You know my Blogger login. It seems you ought to be able to read those private blogs that I'm allowed to read. However, G.R., please don't take offense at my ire. Other than that (and especially with this little trick), you have made keeping up with my blogging friends a joy of efficiency. So, really, my complaint is just minor. Please don't kick me out.


Mike and Kelly said...

and thanks to you, I too have a testimony of google reader.... so wonderful. And I am still super impressed about your scripture reading... who says you can't take over as the Spiritual one".

The Pynes said...

I lost one of those naptime opportunities just this week - for myself! Yeah, I really needed it that day. And special credit can be taken by the UPS man, the 3 jet airplanes, and my barking dog. Thanks, all! It was one of those BOOM moments.

Sara said...

Look at that little Liv. I love her.

Sara said...

And that little Mimikins and Bella Boo Baby!

Liz said...

So glad to know that I'm not the only one who has to constantly learn and re-learn certain things. :)

BTW, my sister-in-law had all the shirts made for us. I know she got them online somewhere.