Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on the February Updates

I forgot to add John to the updates below, and he was hurt. He recently switched from a Medicine rotation (where one must look tough and menacing, to match the atmosphere) to a Pediatrics rotation (where one should look clean, sweet, and kind, in order to keep tears to a minimum). Since John's face is naturally happy and non-threatening, he grew a full beard (well, as full as possible, bless his hairless heart) for Medicine. In the transition to clean-shaven, he needed, of course, to experiment with different combinations.
Inspired by my brother Rob, John shows the huge difference a tiny spot of facial hair can make.

Pervert. (I wanted to use other, funnier, more descriptive, words--use your imagination--but I am afraid of the Google searches that would land the crazies at my innocent family blog.)

Distinguished Mexican gentleman.
Men, if you are going to grow a mustache, keep the flavor saver.

(He's now back to my favorite. Clean, clean, and smooth.)


Carolyn said...

Every March Aaron and the guys at the hospital participate in March Mustache Madness - Aaron had to use just for men for his to show up. We went to a med conference in New Orleans last week and all I could think about was that awesome book we read "Confederacy of Dunces". I even saw a Lucky Dog hot dog cart on Bourbon St and almost threw up thinking of Ignatius stuffing his face and his pee stained sheets. I thought you'd appreciate the experience. Take care

Jeff and Larissa said...

I like John the best as a distinguished Mexican gentleman. :) Or, should I call him Juan? By the way, when I woke up this morning Jeff was getting ready and his first words to me were, "Emilee has really weird dreams, huh." Funny!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! you really nailed juan!!!\
the bug is amazing!!! Thanks for being so creative and making daily life so fun to hear about!!!!

Mike and Kelly said...

Now you can think of Hispanic named children.... Good for Juan.... I mean John!!!

Anonymous said...
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