Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Updates

This month has actually flown by, and I don't usually say that about February. (Doesn't February always feel like the longest month ever? And it's the shortest. But the grayest. So maybe it makes sense.)
Anyway, I thought I'd just quickly do a child-by-child update.
Last week, I was working in the kitchen one afternoon and when I looked up at the clock, I was horrified to see that it was after 3:00 and Olivia still had not gotten off the bus. Just as I had reached the decision to go into panic mode, in she walked, with a very pleased smile on her face.
"I made a snow bug," she informed me.
"Oh good," I said, returning to my counter-wiping.
"Come see it," she said.
"I will later, " I shrugged, in my usual I'm-a-busy-mom tone. I was expecting a snowball-sized bug on the porch. Or a hand-sized bug on the driveway. I was honestly surprised when I actually paid attention to what she was saying (ahem. . . two hours later), and found this in the front yard. (He's actually bigger than he looks.)She explained by saying, "First, I was trying to walk around like a penguin with a snowball egg on my feet, but then I decided I could turn my snowball into a snowman." Indeed. "And then I couldn't make a hat out of snow, so I gave him antlers [antennae]."
Can you see how his eyes are little snowballs?
Last week, we had a few friends over for a meeting. The kids headed upstairs, and as we ladies chatted it up, I heard Naomi's first scream for the morning. As she can really be referred to as "the girl who cried wolf", I ignored her, figuring she couldn't get the closet open or something. When she came down the stairs, looking sheepish, at first I didn't notice this:

But then she confessed that she had gotten stuck under the crib, with her hair caught in the springs (is there anyone who hasn't had this happen? Ouch!), and when her screaming didn't lead to rescue, she asked her friend to go get some scissors. He was delighted to oblige, and when he returned, she cut herself free. I thought, at first, that we were going to be living with "Alfalfette" for a couple months, but it lays down nicely after a good spray with the squirt bottle. I think it's her best haircut yet.

She talks! And gestures! And (not coincidentally) the tantrums have reduced themselves considerably. I remember why I start liking my kids again right around the time they turn 18 months. (Mom, that was a little joke. I always love my kids. :)


brittani c. said...

Yeah, February is my most-hated month of the year. Sooo glad it's over. I already looked up your recipe for the yogurt parmesan chicken, and man, it sounds delish. (Sorry about Mimi's hair...maybe blend it into some bangs? Good thing it'll grow.)

Emilee said...

The picture was deceptive. The turkey tail is located right at the crown. Beautiful. And the yogurt chicken is AMAZING. Definitely try it.

Renae said...

I loved Bella's videos! The way she says pancake and pickle is so funny.
I have gotten my hair caught under a crib, but no friend came to my rescue with scissors... thankfully I guess :).

Mags said...

alfalfette! ha! i love it. and it is really fun hearing my old friends voice in momma mode. when in my head we are still 17.

Irish Cream said...

LOL!!! I cracked up when Mimi entered and asked 'Bella to say "shoe"! Were you able to catch her before she got out the door?

The snowbug is ADORABLE. How cute, clever, ingenious, and crafty is Livia (but then, look at who her mom is).

Liz said...

I'm loving the Snow Bug, it reminded me a bit of the snowmen Calvin and Hobbes were always making.....