Friday, February 19, 2010

Because I might be a celebrity someday. . .

. . . I would like to use today's post to showcase my skills as a celebrity endorser. (I think there's actually a word for that, but I can't remember it right now.) Now, as I have not heretofore demonstrated my knack for endorsement, I am not actually being paid by any of these companies to be their shill, but just you wait. I can almost hear the money rolling in now.

First, I would like to endorse Suave Rosemary & Mint Shampoo. (I tried to find a link and/or photo for you all, but . . . sorry.) This stuff makes me feel like I have a mini Aveda salon in my personal shower--all at Suave prices. The smell is seriously amazing. Considering that my hair is quite short, my shampoo standards consist of 1)cleans my hair and 2) smells good. Requirement #1 is filled competently, and I have no complaints. Requirement #2 surpasses any expectations I had. Try it.

Second, I would like to endorse this recipe for Yogurt Parmesan Chicken (posted on the Anderson Ladies Recipe blog, which I also endorse. I'm telling you, my brothers all married excellent cooks. Everything I've tried from that blog is deeee-licious.) I got this recipe at a church recipe swap from Stacy Andrew, but apparently it originates with Nadine Bailey. It's easy and delicious. It feeds the missionaries beautifully, my kids love it (they'll even eat the sauce, and that's saying something), and it's one of those meals that feels almost fancy. (Maybe it's because I always put the lime sauce on the table in one of my wedding china cream jugs. That's probably it.)

I also am putting in a ringing endorsement for the sunshine we've seen today. I recognize that I'm starved for sunshine in the winter, but I don't think I realize how starved I am until we get a day where the sky is blue and the sun shines down and streams through the windows and I can't tear myself away from the couch in the living room, which gets the perfect bright patch, right in the middle. (Whew! That was a long sentence.) Even sitting in front of the computer, I'm getting warmed across the shoulders. I love it. And I'm drinking it in, because I know it's going to be gone tomorrow.

Also, I'm talking about Girl Scout Thin Mints, but do those really need a celebrity endorsement? I mean, they've already got all those cute little girls going door-to-door.

Oh--and really this should have been first, Neo-Citran. This is some sort of Canadian wonder-drug (thank you, Kelly Galbraith!), and it's fantastic. It's the reason I can smell that Yogurt Chicken and those delicious Thin Mints. It's also responsible for the wonderful two nights of sleep I've had recently. I was beginning to think my silly little head-cold was never going away, but this stuff--this stuff showed it the door. Next trip any of you take over the border, pick me up a year's supply of it, okay? (What I don't endorse: the taste. Yuck. And I also don't endorse using it more than an hour before bedtime, unless you love the idea of your children running amok with no conscious parental supervision.)

What do you endorse?


Anonymous said...
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Shannon said...

Wow! Cool stuff Em. I"ll have to try them out. I love how you write btw.

Annie said...

I endorse buttercream frosting to make beautiful cupcakes. and then you also grate hershey's chocolate bars and sprinkle the top of them. they look beautimous.

Brian and Martha said...

SmartWool Socks- They are soooo nice on cold winter days. I live in them from November until April or May.

Also, there is a FANTASTIC cream made by motherlove for nursing moms. Way way better than Lansinoh or Purelan. Really way better.

Naps are something, unfortunately, I don't get to endorse as often as I wish.

Irish Cream said...

The chicken recipe came from my mother-in law. It's definitely a family favorite!

The sauce is from Stacy Andrew. And it is perfect!

Jeff and Larissa said...

I tried the shampoo and I really like it! I usually switch between Pantene and Herbal Essence, but I thought I'd try your recommendation and I'm glad I did.

By the way, Girl Scouts never knock on my door, and I wish they would. Do they not go door to door anymore?

Emilee said...

Larissa, the girl scouts only go door-to-door in the finest of neighborhoods. I guess you must live in the slums. Sorry.
Actually, it was just a little girl scout who lives in our neighborhood. And she had the cookies IN HER CAR. So there was no 3-week wait. Which I think is both awesome (for customers) and brilliant (as a business plan).