Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

At preschool today was Wacky Wednesday.  One little girl in Mimi's class was talking about how she was going to be the most beautiful on Wednesday because she was going to wear her Ariel dress.  Of course, that put Mimi in a tizzy because she doesn't ever want to miss out on any opportunity to be "beautiful".  I could have just let her wear one of our dress-ups, but I decided to push for something different because:
1)  Mimi really does need to learn that not everything is about "beautiful."  There are so few opportunities to really just be silly that it seems a shame to miss one.
2)  I AM SICK OF PRINCESSES!  (Maybe that should be #1?)

So, with some help (but no arguments, I'm proud to say), Naomi arrived at this ensemble.  It is comprised of so many of her favorite things.
Leggings (pants that actually stay on her mini-bum)
Boots ("These are kind of wacky because they're BROWN, Mom."  But not so wacky that they aren't worn every single waking moment.)
Pink shirt (self-explanatory)
Swimsuit (She tries to convince me three or four times a week that a swimsuit is easily substituted for other pieces of clothing, like a shirt, or underwear, or pajamas.  Her argument is always rejected, so her triumph is complete today.)

We had concerns about the hair.  It needed to be "wacky", but not "ugly."  We went through almost every design on Hair Today this morning before she decided on this option.  I thought at first that maybe it wouldn't be crazy enough for her teachers to notice that she has wacky hair (that could be cause for tears, with this child), but since she usually orders "Rapunzel" (one long braid), "Little Red Riding Hood" (two long braids), or "Belle" (one half-back ponytail) when I do her hair in the morning, this should be different enough.  And if it's not--oh well.

Hope you all have a great Wacky Wednesday.  Tune in tomorrow for the epic tale of Mini Nacho.  (Seen above in the pink pajamas.)

Edited to add:  I just actually looked at the pictures I took earlier, and I was horrified to discover that my youngest child looks just like an orphan.  Much more orphan-y than those orphans from the Bolivia orphanage, actually.  Let me just say that she did eventually get dressed today.  And her hair was combed and her nose wiped.  Wiped a million times honestly, but it probably looks just that snotty right now, 'cause a mom just can't compete with the mucus production of a toddler.)


Kasey said...

I love it! I think you did a great job keeping the precarious balance between wacky and "ugly." Extra points for the hair.

Funny that you mention the Mini Nacho looking like an orphan...her appearance in this picture is even more incentive for Rob to beg for adopted children. He would say, "she's my people!"

Annie said...

I love it. And... ask me how excited i am for mini nacho? the anticipation might actually be what is keeping me going through the three midterms i have this week.

Sara said...

Completely Wacky and not a bit ugly. What a Mimikins!

I love both stories (Mini Nacho and Wacky Wednesday). Can't we just be neighbors already?

adventure knitter said...

I can't believe how grown up Mimi is getting! Crazy! She's so cute! I wish we had a "wacky wednesday" around here. And I feel your pain for "mim nacho". I think it's a good thing I got prego w/ baby #4 before jack hit this crazy age/stage. oh, i just hope it passes before the baby comes.

Kenna said...

Mimi looks so grown up! I love the wacky wednesday ensemble!

Bonnie said...

how fun! I love looking a little crazy every once in a while!