Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nacho Libre

Olivia's school had a Family Movie Day on Saturday.  For $1.00 per person, everyone could come to a neighborhood church, have all-you-can-eat popcorn and all-you-can-drink lemonade, and watch "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", which we had never seen.  I was hoping John would be home in time to go with us, but planned on venturing alone, since that hope is usually vain.
I was planning on the popcorn and lemonade being enough to pacify the ferocious Annabel.  She is at the capricious age where excursions in public are dicey, but food is always welcome.  And it worked, for the 15 minutes before the movie started and the first 20 minutes (which is actually a miracle).  Then she tipped over Mimi's lemonade and became more interested in dumping out the popcorn onto Olivia's blanket then actually eating the popcorn herself.
So she and I removed ourselves to the hall.  I am no stranger to wandering the halls of a church with a wild child, and we worked quite a rhythm of peek-a-boo and high-fives.  But then she became determined to run only on the hard entryway tile, and after her third fall (and subsequent sobs), I decided we would brave the movie room again.
And it worked.  The popcorn and drinks were again a novelty.  She recognized her jacket, and wanted it back on.  Then she recognized her sister's coat and wanted that on as well.  She wandered around, patting our various neighbors on the head and smiling in their faces, happy as a clam in her two coats.  Then I think she got hot.  So she wanted Olivia's coat off.  Then her own jacket off.  Then, in the spirit of continuing what's working, she wanted her dress off.
I had some concerns about this (obviously).  This particular dress snaps all the way down the front, and she always refers to it as a "dat" (jacket), so I could see her reasoning, but I don't usually let my kids strip in public.
Her yelps, however, were drawing attention, and I decided to cave, figuring that it was dark and she's a baby. So, she removed her dress.  This is a recreation of what she was wearing underneath.

Leg warmers--check!
Favorite shoes--check!
Round little tummy--check!
Grimace--check!  (My brothers call this face "chompers").

Does she not look like a mini Nacho Libre?  I feel like she should be talking about stretchy pants.

For the rest of the movie, I waged epic battle with Nacho.  She desperately wanted Olivia's friend's pillow and Naomi's lemonade, and just as desperately, although unconsciously, a long afternoon nap. 

I lost.  She came out of Family Movie Day looking fresh as a wrestling daisy, after being re-robed.  I came out pale, sweating, and exhausted.


Lindsay said...

so glad you're in the mood to blog again. so funny!

Cynthia said...

she makes a great nacho libre impression!!
(BTW, thanks for sharing the Taylor Swift monologue funny!!)

Beth said...

unconsciously or subconsciously? Because if she was unconscious I would consider you the victor, but it sounds like she put up quite the fight! She is so adorable, thanks for the giggle.

Renae said...

THat's hilarious! I love Nacho, and this picture of Bella will be great to show any dates later in life.
BTW- where did you get your styrofoam heart?

Irish Cream said...

Seriously, that is HILARIOUS! She really only needed the cape to be complete... couldn't her dress have been snapped to complete the ensemble?

Oh, and the wrestling! I swear, Movies are great for under 6 months and over 3 years. Otherwise, it's exactly as you describe... you come out having just gone 9 rounds!

Oh, and she definitely does NOT give the impression of a Bolivian orphan here. She has the presence of a well-loved, adventurous and mischievous little girl.

You are so awesome to head out on family excursions sans husband with three daughters. Bravo!

Bonnie said...

I love it! That girl is too cute for words!

The Gardner's said...

so funny! Next time call me and you can drop her off at my house!

Pilltar said...

how did you like cloudy with a chance of meatballs? I mean, accounting for the fact that you did not watch that much of it.

dusty and meag said...

em...I'm addicted to your blog. So funny! How did you get the cute scripty font on your headers of your different sections?

Mags said...

"get that corn outta my face!"
ben boyle's fave quote of all time.