Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dancin' with Myself (or my sister. . . )

We have had a wonderful dance class opportunity this year, provided by the wife of one of the MBA students in our ward. Miss Kristi has made our Mondays, every week, with her fantastic activities and stretches and lessons and positive comments. (In fact, "Miss Kristi said" is a phrase heard quite regularly at our house, which means she has made a serious impact.) Because her husband has now finished his MBA (yay for them!), she is moving away (*sniff* for us), and our final dance class was a wonderful recital.
These little videos are of the girls' crowning achievement--dancing to "Party in the USA". (Obviously Bella couldn't stand to be left out.)

You can see that the girls on the back row are the ones who really know what's going on, especially the one in the middle (Maddie Galbraith) in the leotard and tights. Mimi's going to get more clued in, I think, as soon as she makes it through a dance class without a meltdown.

The class has been especially fun because the girls have had so many of their friends with them every week.

Miss Kristi also gave certificates of achievement to each dancer at the end. Mimi won the coveted"Most Flexible Dancer" award, and Olivia was pronounced "Best Leaper." You can't imagine the pride in our minivan on the way home.

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The Busy Butler Family said...

What fun! Such a neat opportunity - your girls looked like they really enjoyed it!