Monday, May 31, 2010

Mango Baby

Baby Quinn, the only Anderson nephew to date, is one of the favorite topics of conversation at our house. He lives in Texas, so we usually have to get our Quinn fix via blog. This video, filmed by my brother Dave, is Bella's favorite to watch. She calls him "beebee Teen", and she talks to him while he is eating the mango seed.

So, in homage to this favorite little video, and with the luck of delicious mangoes from the hospital cafeteria, we filmed this remake. Luckily, [please insert a sarcastic tone here] no one in our family likes to butt in on the video action. Or the talk-to-the-baby action. Or the pace-around-the-house-while-you-talk-to-Uncle-Dave action. So the two videos are basically identical.

If you listen closely, Bella says "Teen" here, in reference to Baby Quinn. She was actually pretty excited to be eating the same thing that she had seen Quinn eat so many thousands of times.

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Lindsay said...

Willa loved it. She kept signing again, again. Bella is getting so big. Big enough to be an older sister :)