Wednesday, June 2, 2010

She's 7!

Olivia is 7! SEVEN years old. Didn't she just barely look like this?

And this?

And now she's old enough to want to do the writing on her own birthday cake?

Let me be accurate. She wanted to do the writing on her birthday cake, but she's also old enough to get incredibly frustrated when the "p"s are wobbly and the "y" is at the wrong angle, so after one word, she had me help by guiding her hands and telling her when to squeeze and when to stop. But still it looks pretty good, eh?

And let me tell you, it tasted amazing. Pioneer Woman's Life by Chocolate cake, with dulce de leche between the layers and ganache on top? Awesome. This girl of mine is a choc-o-holic, and she doesn't like cake mix cakes or store-bought frosting. So, we indulged. And it was delicious.

But then, a week later, we needed to have a friend party. And what better theme for that momentous 7th birthday than Rainbows. (I wish I had seen this link the week before the party, rather than the day after.) That calls for rainbow cupcakes, does it not? (White cake mix cupcakes with food-colored store-bought frosting. Violated every Olivia principle in the book, but they were cute!)

Even rainbow on the inside, right? Pretty tricky, eh? (Idea from here.) Just divide your batter into four Ziploc bags and add about a gazillion (really, 10) drops of food coloring to each part, and layer them in. The yellow isn't showing very well in these two. The best-looking ones had all been eaten by this point.

We decorated by tying rainbow colors of cheap ribbon to a big brass ring. (90 yards of ribbon, and no, I am not exaggerating.) I use that felt birthday banner for every single birthday, and those red and pink starburst things were made from a Martha Stewart kit I got on clearance at Michael's two years ago. We use them for every party as well. With a turquoise water jug and a Bolivian tablecloth, the porch was set.

We made straw-and-Cricut-flower leis, in rainbow colors, of course.

We danced the hula in our leis.

We sat for only a moment on the couch.

And then it was time for us to capitalize on the 87-degree weather we've been having around here with some slip-n-slide action.

You know, seven-year-old girls are giggly and squeal-y enough without speed and cold water.

But seriously, add it in, and watch out! Good thing I like giggles and screams.
When I picked this slip-n-slide up last year at the end of summer from Target, I thought it was kind of a funny thing to buy. However, with all the use we've gotten out of it, I think I'll never be without one again. It's the perfect party activity.

I hadn't met a few of these girls before the party, and it was a lovely treat (but not really a surprise) to learn that they are all so nice. After all, her friends that I do know are all fantastic. I'm happy that Liv has found good friends here in South Bend.


Kate said...

Fun stuff! I can't wait to have a rainbow party for one of my girls. My sister just had one for her daughter. You can see the post here. The cake was spectacular; it got its own post here. Click over to those links. :)
And I really can't believe she's 7.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Liv. Can't believe she's 7! Cute rainbow party!

Mike and Kelly said...

And the majorly dyed cupcakes were delicious too. Especially paired with the berry sherbet. You are a fabulous hostess, and all the kids had a great time.

Shanda said...

Nice writing on the cake Olivia!!! That is my least favorite part about cake decorating! Its seriously hard! That cake sounds SO GOOD! And I LOVE the rainbow cupcakes! I'm going to have to try that now! Looks like an awesome party! Happy Birthday! I know you're a great mom, but wanted to pass a long a really cool tradition that I learned about here. One of my friends here has a tradition that when her children turn 7 she gives her child a blue copy of the Book of Mormon and then reads the Book of Mormon one-on-one with her 7 year old so that by the time they turn 8 they have read the Book of Mormon before they get baptized. I think its such a great idea! We've given Book of Mormons to all the 6/7 year olds here and have encouraged them to start reading with their parents.

Susanne said...

The party looked like a roaring success!