Monday, June 28, 2010

Bella's Favorite Chicken

My camera is lost forever--left at O'Hare Airport (otherwise known as the Pit of Dispair). This makes it difficult to blog, you know, with no pictures. However, my dear friend Kelly had compassion on me and sent me these snaps of one of our recent trips to Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan.
Silver Beach is THE beach. If we mention a beach, it's this one. There are other lovely beaches, at Warren Dunes, or the Indiana Dunes State Park, but Silver Beach is delightful. As evidenced by the smiles on these two crazy faces.
Bella loves "Chicken" as she calls Colton. Loves him, loves what he loves (the movie "Cars", actual cars, swimming, whatever), loves to be just like him. And now Chicken has left us--headed to his new home in the Great White North of Alberta, Canada, with the rest of his family. When we went to the pool today, she got excited about seeing Chicken, since we usually do. I didn't have the heart or the ability to explain to her, so I just smiled. And cried a little inside. We miss you, Galbraiths!

(We miss you, Bradys, and Sandersons, too, but I don't have pictures of you guys. Send me some, and I'll dedicate a post to you. :)


Susanne said...

Cute pictures, and of course I almost starting crying thinking about Bella missing her sweet friend.

cowbell kelly said...

I want a friend named Chicken. Did I mention that our favorite thing to quote lately is, "Hello my name is John Wells you stupid butt".