Friday, June 4, 2010

Toads, toads, toads.

I have described my abhorrence of frogs and toads before on this blog. So jumpy. So unexpectedly jumpy. Yuck. However, my little Mimi princess girl has turned into a toad QUEEN. She finds at least one toad in my yard every day.

At least one, and usually two or three.

And with someone I love so much finding so much enjoyment in the ugly, hoppy creatures, it's hard for me to continue to loath them. But I still won't touch them.

(And here's the thing, really. As a mom, I want my girls to experience things fearlessly. So I try to pretend that I would really love to hold that toad later, but at the moment, I have some other pressing task. I think Mimi is still fooled, but I'm pretty sure Liv has seen through my little act.)

She's taken toads to preschool.

She has called both her grandmas to talk about her newfound pets.
She's even tested that "Princess and the Frog" fable about kissing a toad. (And I'm not sure whether she'd be more delighted having her little toad turn into a prince, or herself turn into a toad. Both sound equally exciting.)


Annie said...

do you think they could possibly have more personality?

Dave said...

Do they always sing when they talk?

Susanne said...

Emilee, this post is darling. You know I love toads too and so I think this is a super cool blog.

Mike and Kelly said...

If she does turn into a toad, just make sure that Halle is not around. That might just be the end of Mimi. I love that little girl by the way!!

Jonas said...

I feel like she is reciting a poem when she talks

Sara said...

Oh that Meems. I love her so much I'd give her a great big kiss right after the toad!

(And I'm impressed with your new found tolerance of such creatures.) :)

Liz said...

Awesome. And I think you must be doing a good job at helping your girls be fearless--obviously your toad-phobia hasn't caught on!

Jake and Jenny said...

What fun memories! I remember catching toads in my backyard as a child and really don't think I would touch them anymore. Your girls are so cute!