Friday, September 10, 2010

Do you remember lemonade stands?

Do you remember the last time you had a lemonade stand?  My mom used to help us set up the best lemonade stands.  She would make a huge batch of her famous and delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and a couple gallons of lemonade, and we would set up shop at the top of the street, trying to catch the eyes and quarters of passersby.

When my mom was here, helping us survive our first week with child #4, she helped my girls set up their own lemonade stand in the front yard.  They had grand visions of earning big money.  "Mom," Mimi gasped, the night before the big event, "Nana says that sometimes her kids could earn a whole 10 dollars."  An unimaginable sum.

I was gone for the first half of the sale, but when I came back, I was assaulted with memories.  Memories of making signs and finding the best place to stand for advertisement purposes.

Memories discussing our earning potential.
The joy of the first customers.  (Our bishop is a compassionate soul.)
The need to relax after an hour of hard work in the hot sun.
And the thrill of counting the money once it's all over.
In the end, they earned $17.  Not too shabby, eh?


dtravelbug said...

$17 is a lot!! I love the pic of Liv up on the chair holding the sign. I stole it. :-)

Kasey said...

That looks like so much fun! Those little entrepreneurs.

Jonas said...

i have 1 rule: buy anything sold by kids on the side of the road

Annie said...

remember how mom would make us do our hair, wash our hands, and put our best clothes on? it was a pretty legit business.

Sara said...

Woo hoo! $17 is a lot!

And I love how the hat went back and forth between the girls.