Monday, September 13, 2010

Maddie at Night

The other night Madeline was wide awake and delightfully content, so I took some pictures of her.  I should have dressed her up and set up a backdrop, but my energy extended only to her pj's and the old plaid couch.
She often looks like a hobbit.
Or one of those kids with the aging disease.
Or just a little bit goofy.
We love her anyway.


Sara said...

Five days until I get my hands on this little babykins! I can't wait!

Kenna said...

I love her hair! Do you have some hair bows and things for her yet? (that's a pretty silly question since you do have four girls, huh!)

Janelle said...

I also love her hair!!!:) I am hoping my kids get gradually hairier like yours...What a cutie!

Brian and Martha said...

She looks like she belongs to you. What a cute baby!

Jed & Allison said...

I'm sure you get tons of comments on her hair, but it is so cute! She has so much of it!