Monday, November 22, 2010

Haircuts all around.

Maddie got her first haircut today.  Normally, I wait a little longer, reveling in the glory that is old-man-hair-on-a-tiny-baby, but when I had to comb the tangles out of her back hair in the morning, I decided that I fight that battle enough already in my life (with four other heads of hair to brush), and we were going to remedy the situation STAT.

Here she is, with both bouffant top and mullet bottom.  Is that a winning combination or what?

Mullet bottom mostly gone.  I piled the hair on her back so I could have a record of how much I cut off.
Haircut complete.  She looks older now, unfortunately.  And I loved playing with all that mullet hair when I was holding her in church.  *sniff*  My baby's growing up.  :)

And you know, I really ought to retitle this blog to be either "137 Reasons to Closely Supervise Your Toddler" or "My Incompetence as a Mother."  Because this is Bella's most recent haircut.

Let's start with her new fashionable turkey tail.  That little tuft is right at the crown of her head.  This beautiful feature is highlighted when I pull her hair into her usual style of two pigtails.  We're experimenting with different options when we would rather she didn't look like barnyard fowl.

She also added stylish asymetrical bangs.  They might look fairly mainstream in this photo here, but I assure you, in real life, this look is very avant garde.  
And to show what she was working with before, I add this picture of the great Moses costume she assembled using the towel rack from our recently remodeled bathroom and my Moby wrap.  This is the only picture I could find with her bangs shown full-length, since we normally had them pulled or clipped up.  I had been carefully trimming the rest of her hair so we could grow her bangs all the way out.  Serves me right for doing anything carefully that involves the human disaster.  
Bella's setting up shop in the basement and she's looking for clients who may want to mimic her new style.  Her rates for haircuts are very reasonable (two juice boxes or a ziploc of goldfish crackers), and you'll certainly be original.


cowbell kelly said...

I think she looks darling with bangs!!!!!! Love it!!! But I must say you're tempting me to get rid of every pair of scissors in the house.

Annie said...

they are too stinking cute. i'll let her cut my hair, just to spend time with her.

Renae said...

I had boy cuts for a few years when I was little, just because I kept trying to cut it. Today, I still try to cut my own, then go get it fixed. I never learned.
Use some hair mousse (sp?) and spike it!

adventure knitter said...

Oh my goodness! That little girl....she's a hoot! Maybe I should have her cut Jack's hair....remind me next time I'm in the states to make an appt with her...

dusty and meag said...


brittani c. said...

Yep, I hate the little bald spot on the back of babies' heads...mine has old man's hair except I can't do a hair cut yet cuz she ain't got hair to cut.

I thought about you when we were in South Bend. It was a quick trip and it was with in-laws, so I knew I wouldn't able to meet with you. It's such a cute little town! I was so excited to see a Jamba Juice by the stadium, but they weren't open for business yet. :(