Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Love Halloween!

I thought John would capture a full-body shot of my fabulous self in an orange pindot polyester leisure suit.  Can you believe he only got this?

"How blessed the day when the lamb and the lion shall lie down together without any ire."  I don't think we're quite there yet, do you?

From left:  Mary (of Mary Had a Little Lamb) not to be confused with Little Bo-Peep  (you can see she still has her sheep, right?)
Jaguar (she refused the elephant costume I had planned, but the jaguar fit.  Who am I to argue?)
She-Ra (store-bought costume not available since 1985, so this is what we put together on our own)

Close up on the Princess of Power.  Check out those sassy hips.

This costume was sewn in 2004 for Olivia.  As I was re-examining it this year, I was quite pleased with all the progress I've made in my sewing since then.  

We broke the plastic outdoor candy cane we had planned to use for a shepherd's crook, and drama ensued.  John came to the rescue with this pipe-insulation substitute.  And then Olivia refused to use it at the Trunk-or-Treat because she was sure people would think she was Bo Peep if she had a crook.  At the end of the evening, she indignantly proclaimed, "I didn't even carry my stick, and they still thought I was Little Bo Peep." 


Sara said...

I was in awe of your sewing skills in 2004, and I'm still in awe in 2010. That Mary costume is fantastic! And She-Ra? Awesome. (Although the hips really do make it -- good work Mimikins.) I want to kiss that little Lamb. And Bella? I'll just take her home with me right now.

You've done Halloween proud Wells Family. :)

Ryan, Candace, Jack and Macie said...

I'm now curious to see your full-body shot of the leisure suit. I was sad not to see that little elephant costume--we love that one! Your girls are darling and I would expect nothing else but sass from Mimi.

Lyndsay said...

I can't get over Mimi's posing. I just love the attitude.
Can you visit Toledo when Daph starts demanding custom Halloween ensembles?

Nat said...

Your girls all looked so cute! I love Mimi's sassiness. I thought Olivia made a great Mary- my girls knew who she was if that makes her feel any better. :) Chloe told me today while we were at Hobby Lobby looking at fabric, "I want Mimi's mom to make me a dress out of all this fabric!" I might have to take lessons from you, or better yet, just hire you!