Friday, February 4, 2011

Disneyland, here we come!

I love these huge stripey letters at the entrance of Disneyland's California Adventure!  O for Olivia.

N for Naomi
A for Annabel (but she was looking for a "B")
. .. and Annie!

That funny hooded sweater makes little Bella look like a funny dwarf (Dopey? Sneezy?) while she waits in the Toy Story line.  (Maybe the coolest ride ever?  Yes?)
Look at my cute sister.  And look at the funny angle I held my face.  (Note to self:  Never hold my face like that again.  Ever.)

And these cute boots we found at the rental house where we were staying.  Perfect for those rainy, and oh-so-super-rainy days.
There we are again.  Better angle.
And King Triton's carousel.  Yes--we love that one.

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