Sunday, January 30, 2011

L.A. ScienCenter

We went to California over Christmas, spending some time with the Andersons and some with the Wellses.  L. A. has the most amazing science museum--FREE!--with loads of fun things to see and do.  It was especially fun with Grandpa Wells, since he loves to show the girls things in nature.  

 I love aquarium tunnels, except when I stepped too close to the glass walls, the water started to look like I was wearing the wrong glasses.

 Gabey was excited to show his cousins all his favorite parts of the museum.
 Bella loved it.


Renae said...

That looks completely awesome! Next time I'm there...

Mags said...

hey em could you e-mail me a link for those awesome polka dot chore charts you posted on here awhile ago? i got chores that need doin'