Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Concert

Our school puts on the cutest Christmas concert in a church building every year.  It's one of my Christmas highlights.  

I love getting my daughters in their Christmas finery.  (Naomi's dress was sewn start to finish in that day.  I hate how events often creep up on me and end in a sewing frenzy.  Note to self:  Don't do that next year.)
 "Must Be Santa" was sung, complete with props and hand motions.
 I love kindergarteners.
 "Who's got a beard that's long and white?"
 The older kids sat further away for their part of the concert, which made photography more difficult.
 However, they weren't far enough away for us to miss Olivia's solemn faces of concern,
 and confusion.  I love that girl.
 Yet another thing I'm going to miss about South Bend.

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Sara said...

I love all those Livi faces!

Cute girls -- cute dresses. I'm impressed on both counts.