Saturday, December 18, 2010

Like I said. . .

. . .South Bend Santa is nearly the perfect Santa.  He's been so sweet and interested every year we've gone to see him.  

 He acted like it was a delight, instead of a burden, to hold my grumpy fuzzy baby.

 And he made sure to mention to Naomi that if she did, in fact, get a scooter for Christmas, she needed to make sure she wore a helmet.  (Which Mimi has filed in her memory permanently as "Advice from Santa", which is held in much higher esteem than "Advice from My Mother.")


Mags said...

it looks like your santa cup overfloweth! i've missed your posts em! today i went to a park city thrift store. can i just say that park city + thrift store = gold mine. can't wait until you are closer, will you come rummage through rich peoples "trash" with me?

Liz said...

Em, you have such darling girls! I've missed your posts as well, but I guess having four little ones to look after is a good excuse for not blogging. :) Your New Year's card was DELIGHTFUL, and so very witty. Can you write our card for us next year? :)