Sunday, December 12, 2010

Six Years Old, and Looking Good!

Now, for all of you who are acquainted with Mimi, it will come as no surprise that her sixth birthday was filled with highs and lows.  Ultra-highs and ultra-lows, as is par for her course, really.  
We started with breakfast.  Hootenannies are her favorite (HIGH!), but then Olivia remembered--darn her--that the ward party was that morning, and I had already made the executive decision I would not be dragging my four children to a breakfast/service project, so Mimi was sad about not seeing her friends (low).  But then Daddy got to come home since call was slow (HIGH!), but the two big girls had forgotten about Mimi's motion sickness "issue" and had played Spin 'Til You Drop in the family room, and Mimi was pale and clutching a puke bowl for an hour (low). 

But then we opened presents and went out to lunch! (High!)  And bought balloons and tiaras at Hobby Lobby! (High!)  And then her tiara broke (low), so I traded her for mine (high!), which also broke (low).
She made her own cake with her new cake kit from Aunt Annie and Uncle Pete.  (High!!  So exciting!!)
She was quite pleased with herself in her new beanie from Nana and Big Grandpa.
Olivia made her a "wish box" which collects all her wishes until she can find a star to wish upon.  And Maddie and Bella gave her a Zhu-Zhu Pet and some card games.  (That Monster Mashup game is LOADS of fun!)
She also got a Polly Pocket and some sparkly shirts (someone must know and love her very much), a pair of sassy pink boots, and some little tiny stuffed animals that have been accompanying her on her bus ride to school every day since.

Since the highs and lows come with Mimi's territory, I think we had a more than satisfactory birthday.  I just can't believe she's six!


cowbell kelly said...

I'm sorry she had lows on her birthday but I did giggle at the roller coaster ride:)

adventure knitter said...

We have the storybook game and our kids LOVE it! Even Jackson can play it (his parts of the story are hilarious!)

Lyle said...

Mercurial Mimi!

Sara said...

Oh that Meems. I love her dearly.

Liz said...

Mimi reminds me of Anne Shirley. Always ups and downs. Since Anne Shirley is one of my very favorite book characters I would have to say that Mimi-posts are also some of my favorite Emilee-blog-reads. :)

Mike and Kelly said...

We miss our Mimi. Happy Birthday. Give her lots of hugs from all the Galbraiths.

Kenna said...

I can't believe she is six either! Happy Birthday Mimi!

Brian and Martha said...

I am just catching up on maybe the past 6 months. I always love to read your blog.