Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And yet, I still love her.

Conversation with Bella this morning:

Me:  Bella, what are your plans for the day?
Bella:  I want to play.  With you.
M:  What should we play?
B:  I will be the princess, and you can be the wicked queen.
M:  The wicked queen?  Am I really wicked?
B:  Yes.  You are really wicked.  Here, I will go downstairs and get your wicked doughnut so you can be really really  wicked.

Apparently, the wicked doughnut?  Yep, it's a green stacking ring.  Who knew that's all it takes to be a super villain?


fialka012 said...
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brittani c. said...

Ok, first of all, this photo of her is so adorable...of course she's a princess. Second, I love the idea that a green doughnut can make someone really, really wicked (in the pretend world, of course!). I'm glad you're back to blogging after your month break. I thrive on your stories.

cowbell kelly said...

Next question for Bella-Does the green doughnut have special powers? If so what are they?

Why do babies love trash? I can't seem to keep Ruth out of the bathroom garbage....gross. Can't she pick a different trash? Not that there's really an upgrade.