Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I missed out on by not having an older sister

Scene:  Me in bathroom, little girls in my room.  Happy chatter from both girls.  Meowing from two-year old, followed by screaming from 9-month old.  
Me: [bursting in upon the scene, certain to find biting or blood or something violent]  What's going on in here?
Bella:  [from under the overturned laundry basket] I am the mama cat, and Maddie is my baby cat.
Me:  Baby cat?  Where is the baby cat?

 Oh, no wonder she's screaming.

I don't think two girls, even two very small girls, can comfortably fit under an overturned laundry basket.  Too bad, though.  It was a good idea.


Millie @ The Busy Butlers said...

Happy to see you are enjoying kittens at your house - uh, just like us! And, I am truly amazed when people say they think Caroline looks like me. I honestly don't think any of my bunch look anything like me. But I'll take it if other people think so!!!

Lyle said...

Dallin has suffered this same fate. And when i say has, i mean does. Again, this is Annie.