Sunday, January 13, 2013

When the babies* are at Nana's House. . .

. . . the rest of us can go SNOWSHOEING!  Have you ever done this?  It's incredibly fun.
 You can hang on a branch.
 You can model your stunning borrowed (the girls') or military surplus (mine and John's) footwear.

 You can pose in front of the gorgeous Uintah Mountain scenery.
 And you can fall on your duff again and again and again.  Favorite quote of the day, "Quit whining, Mimi, and just use your claws."  (This from Liv, referring to the crampon on the bottom of the snowshoe.)
We'll definitely have to get some kids' snowshoes of our own and do this again.  Does anyone want to join us?
*Bella hates it when we refer to her as one of the babies.


cowbell kelly said...

I don't suppose you could send some of that snow our way? I know once Mike see's/smells/feels it he'll realize how much he loves winter. That boy has a mad case of Denial.

Elizabeth R said...

Yes, I totally want to join. That looks so beautiful and fun.

Shelly said...

WIsh u lived closer, Kena nd I have our own pair and borrow for the kids too. It would be so fun to go together.