Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I finished the girls' costumes just this week. I still need to figure out what to put underneath the beautiful gowns to keep my crazy little princess and fairy warm, but at least the homemade part is done. The off-the-shoulder design of this dress was not especially apparent to me from the pattern. It will be okay with a white shirt underneath, though, so I'm not too worried.
The wings were sent by my mother-in-law. They are lovely, and they velcro on to her back, so I don't have to worry about her getting frustrated with those shoulder straps.
And our beautiful rockery in the background. You can see I have put in a lot of work to keep those weeds growing.
This pose looked so pixie-like, especially with Livi's hair.
I wish I could find some sparkly tights and the girls will definitely need glitter on their faces for the actual dress-up of Halloween. Girliness is so much fun!

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Lyndsay said...

I'm so glad you created a public blog for our enjoyment. The girls' costumes are darling. I think Liv's hair makes her the perfect pixie and Mimi's well suited to be a princess!