Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What we've done today

Annie is here! My sister came to visit for a week. Her flight came in to Detroit at 11:30 last night (here in Toledo by 1 am.), but we were up and rolling at 7:00 this morning. Since then, we have:
*gone to walking group,
*tended the baby of one of John's classmates (I remembered how much newborns cry),
*attended a birthday party,
*painted at the TMA (Toledo Museum of Art) family center,
*made (what feels like) hundreds of little cookies, and
*put together these 22 little treat bags for Olivia's Halloween preschool party. I have heard that the goody bags they send home with the kids after the party are sometimes quite extravagant, but these just have a little bag of tiny cookies, a small package of microwave popcorn--those are so cute, and a Halloween pencil. I guess if they kick Liv out, I'll know I didn't do enough. :)


dtravelbug said...

Hi Annie!!! I'm glad you made it safely, and I hope to get to visit with you soon.

Kenna said...

I thought the treat bags were perfect. Ella was so excited about the pencil and the popcorn.

Kate said...

The treat bags are so cute and sound perfect. Yes, sometimes those goody bags were a little over the top. That's why I never signed up to bring them. Too much pressure! Hope you had a happy Halloween. I loved Halloween in Toledo.

Emilee said...

The only things left to sign up for were the treat bags by the time the list got around to me. Darn it!
I'm glad Ella liked the popcorn. I got that idea from you, of course. (Didn't I?)